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Hire Pro-Inspector Inc. to inspect your home of choice before you buy it

So, you're finally ready to make an offer on what you think will be the perfect home in the Minneapolis area. It may look beautiful on the outside, but there could be an expensive problem hiding where you can't see it. Your new home is likely the biggest purchase you've made in your lifetime so far; make sure your investment is sound by hiring a licensed home inspector. Call Pro-Inspector Inc. to get started.

Sell your home faster by getting a home inspection

Having trouble selling your home? Give yourself a competitive edge in this tough sellers market by getting your home inspected. You can provide your potential buyers with a comprehensive report so they'll feel confident investing in your home. If there's anything in your home that needs to be fixed or improved, we'll let you know.

3 reasons to choose Pro-Inspector Inc. for your home inspection

  1. We've established a record of excellence. In 17 years, Pro-Inspector Inc. has conducted over 3,800 inspections. There's not much we haven't seen by now!
  2. We're accessible to our clients. You can reach us electronically via a contact form, over the phone by calling 952-250-1291, or in-person by visiting our office.
  3. We can recommend local services. Does your potential new home need new windows? Is your chosen home's plumbing system outdated? We know trustworthy people in the area who can help.

It's high time to find out if the home you're interested in really is everything it's cracked up to be. Get the lowdown on your chosen home by hiring Pro-Inspector Inc. Call us today to find out more.

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