Give Your Home Another Selling Point

Schedule a sellers home inspection through Pro-Inspector Inc.

Selling a home isn't exactly a cake walk. You need to ensure you're marketing your home in every way possible. If you're searching for a way to go above and beyond what other sellers are doing, get a sellers home inspection done before you list. Let your potential buyers know that your home comes without surprises by calling on Pro-Inspector Inc.

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Find and fix your home's problems before a potential buyer sees them

Another reason why homeowners schedule sellers inspections is to prepare themselves for any surprising problems their homes might have. Your home could have an expensive problem with the foundation right under your feet without you knowing about it! If a potential homebuyer discovers this out right before the sale, they could try to renegotiate the price or back out of the deal entirely.

Prepare yourself by getting an inspection proactively-your buyer would choose to get one anyway. If you're ready to get started, call Pro-Inspector Inc. today at 952-250-1291.